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Year 11 Red Carpet event 2023

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On Monday 26 June 2023, year 11 celebrated the end of their GCSEs on the red carpet.

We have been incredibly proud of this remarkable group of individuals who have not only demonstrated unwavering dedication and hard work but have also fostered a strong sense of togetherness within Year 11 and also within school. The students were impeccable, as usual, in their conduct and it was an honour to be able to celebrate their achievements in their final assembly for the year. We look forward to seeing the majority of the year group return to sixth form as IB students to embark upon an exciting and rewarding curriculum.

Congratulations Year 11.


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  • Some of our photographs taken during this event cannot be published on this website.
  • We cannot provide copies of photographs taken during this event.

Year 11 Red Carpet event 2022

 MG 0783 250pxOn Monday 27 June 2022, year 11 made their final trip through the school gates as year 11 students. Many of them will return again as sixth formers and some will be pursuing the next step on their journey elsewhere.
We are extremely proud of these students. They leave KS4 as resilient, caring, open minded and principled individuals. They have overcome adversity and lived through remarkable and unforeseen circumstances, never with a sense that the world owes them anything. Instead they responded by aiming higher and did whatever it took to achieve their goals - they did this with gusto, spirit and a good dose of humour.
Now they are ready to spread their wings and embrace new challenges in the next step of their academic career, we know that they will explore new paths with the same tenacity, independence and confidence that has served them so well this year.
It's goodbye for now year eleven, we look forward to welcoming you back in September to begin year 12.


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Please note:

  • Some of our photographs taken during this event cannot be published on this website.
  • We cannot provide copies of photographs taken during this event.

UPDATE: Japanese cooking competition - results

boar drop shadow alpha trans 100pxThe winners have finally been chosen from the many enthusiastic entries for this competition and certificates and small prizes were awarded.

Business of Enterprise winners

Dane Court Grammar school's winning team at the final of the Business of Enterprise competition pictured with the judges

Congratulations and well done to; Ashley Cole (with certificate), Natalie Stafford, Chloe Stevens, Mollie Page (with trophy), Francesca Minter, Calvin Bruton.

The young students produced a superbly confident demonstration of their new 'App' idea to walk off with the prize of 'Best Oral Presentation' at the prestigious Barclays Conference Suite in Canary Wharf. This was a wonderful culmination of weeks of research and hard work for the students who had to battle through two previous heats to represent their school.

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