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Our merit scheme

mystickers 320pxAt Dane Court we run a merit scheme to recognise the exceptional effort and behaviour that our students demonstrate inside and outside of the classroom.

Students receive merit stickers from their teachers as a reward for ‘going the extra mile’ either within the classroom environment or within the school community. Students then log their merit stickers (each with a unique code) on their individual MyStickers Account.
Each student at Dane Court has their own unique login for the MyStickers website. New year 7 and year 12 students have been given their usernames and a general password which we have suggested they change the first time they log on for security reasons.

On the MyStickers website, students can track their merits and purchase rewards. Merits are bankable so students can save up for a particular reward or purchase several smaller ones. Prizes will typically range from customised school pens, footballs and stationary to high street vouchers.
When a student has accumulated enough points, they order a reward and a message is sent to them, letting them know when and how to collect their reward. This year, as year groups are being kept in ‘bubbles’ and restricted to certain areas of the school site, Merit Google Classrooms have been set up for each year group to support students and deliver information about any forthcoming competitions as well as updates on Year and House Leader boards.

The MyStickers Company also have their own rewards system and regularly run their own competitions and give away spot prizes, for example, Amazon gift cards, iPads, etc. Any student can be part of these national draws as long as they are logging merits regularly.
On the MyStickers website students can also view several Leader boards so that they can see how their merit total compares to others in their year, house and across the school. Students can also add parent details to their account so that parents can receive a notification email every time their child gets a merit.
This really is a great opportunity for students to show their teachers at Dane Court School and the wider school community what caring, respectful, committed, resilient and proactive students they are and, at the end of the school year, the House with the highest total is awarded the amazing Merit Trophy!

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