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  • Do I have to study for the full IBDP? +

    If you feel that the full DP does not meet your needs then you can discuss a bespoke programme with us.

  • How much homework will I have? +

    You can expect around 3 hours homework for a Higher Level subject and 2 hours homework for a Standard Level subject.

  • Does the IB use coursework for assessment? +

    The IB courses all contain coursework that is referred to as Internal Assessments or IAs.
    The amount of coursework in each subject varies but you will see full details in the prospectus.

  • How does the IB grading system work? +

    Each of the six subjects is graded out of seven. The Extended essay and Theory of Knowledge are combined to give up to three core points. The total diploma score is therefore a maximum 45 points.

  • Can I study more than three highers? +

    It is not possible to study more than three higher level subjects because there would not be time to study the three standard level subjects and the core.
    Also there isn’t a requirement for this for university study.

  • Can I take three sciences? +

    P1010810 200pxBecause of its emphasis upon breadth, the International Baccalaureate diploma does not allow a student to take three sciences.
    Chemistry and one other Science or Maths are standard subject requirements for UK medical schools.

  • How will studying the IBDP lead me to top university destinations? +

    The IBDP is regarded as a world-class gold-standard qualification by leading universities in the UK, the US and across the world. 96% of our applicants received offers from their first-choice universities in 2023.

    Research has shown that IB students are more likely to excel in their degree course than A level students, as they have been so well prepared for the rigours of academic life whilst studying in the sixth form.

  • How will studying the IBDP help me with applications for medicine/veterinary/dentistry? +

    Medical schools recognise the value of the IBDP in allowing students to study knowledge-rich Science and Maths courses in addition to developing their communication skills and critical thinking – which are crucial attributes for a doctor. We also offer an Emerging Medics programme at Dane Court comprising work placements, entrance test practice and guest speakers.

  • Can I apply to university if I am not doing the full IBDP? +

    Yes. You will accrue points from all the subjects you are taking and universities will accept a combination of IB subjects as long as you meet their academic entry criteria.

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